Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pain Vs. Misery

Misery is optional; pain is not.   

Misery as defined by Webster is "a state of great unhappiness and emotional distress".  Pain on the other hand is "trouble, care, or effort taken to accomplish something".

I first heard the above quote from a pastor a couple weeks ago.  The quote was so profound that I could not stop thinking about it.  Misery versus pain can relate to so many aspects of life in general, and my life specifically.  When I first heard this quote, my mind immediately went to running.  Earlier that morning I had run 14.25 miles as a part of my preparation for my upcoming marathon. When I arrived to church someone asked me, "Don't your legs ever hurt?"  

I quickly responded, "Yes, of course!" 

This person then asked, "How do you push past the pain?"  I tried to explain that some days are easier than others, that it helps to have a partner to talk to so they can distract you from the pain, and there are times when it becomes too much and you must walk for a bit.  The pain is inevitable.  Misery, however, is optional.

Throughout life we all experience pain; divorce, let downs, loss of a loved one, etc.  It is up to us, however, to not allow this pain to turn into a state of misery. Too bad this is so much easier to say than do, right?!  As I like to remember, "It is progress, not perfection" I am after.

Lord, please help me to choose to accept life's pain and to not allow it to turn into misery.  Amen.

On 09/15/12 at the Run United Live United 10k race, 
my friend won 2nd place in her age division
and I won 1st place female finisher!

It was an exciting day for the kids too!  
They ran in their first ever race 
and came in at first and second place!


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  1. Great lesson for us all. We can be more than conquerors...loved by our Creator and meant to do good works to enrich other's lives.