Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Three in Guangzhou, China

Today was a great day. This morning I was able to lounge around my hotel room, sleep in, and talk to my family via Skype. Then, at 1pm I met my wonderful Teacher Life Club (TLC) coach, Susan. We went and bought me a cell phone, met the visa officer, took passport photos, and opened a bank account. Getting all of this done took about 5 hours. I got back to my hotel at about 6pm.

While at the mall opening my bank account and getting the passport photos, Susan and I saw a bunch of commotion on the first floor. We were curious so decided to go check it out. When we got closer we saw that they were handing out 1 free box of clear chicken broth. The way people were acting you would have though it was a box of gold they were handing out! But, of course, Susan and I needed our free box of chicken soup too, so we got in the line.

When Susan picked me up at 1pm, she gave me a lesson on using the metro. Therefore, when it came time for me to go back to my hotel at 6pm, I knew exactly what to do. It was wonderful. I was even able to realize where I went wrong on the first night when I got lost. I realized that I was only 1 block away when I got lost. I took some pictures of my hotel today. It is still kind of hard to distinguish which hotel is mine in the midst of all of the big buildings.

Today, however, I definitely felt as though I was fitting in a little better with Guangzhou. Yesterday, I must admit that I felt completely overwhelmed and lost. Today I am feeling a little bit less of both.

Tonight, a few of the teachers from my school were even nice enough to see what I was doing and invited me to go out to dinner. I hopped on the metro and met them at the “Tiyu Xilu” stop. We walked for a little ways to a place called Oggi Pizzeria. I ordered a vegetarian pizza. It was pretty tasty.

Tomorrow I am hoping is another great day.


  1. Have loved ready, seeing and "feeling" your experience. HUgs, Mugs

  2. I am so glad you decided to blog your experience! We can all "ride along" with you. :) Your pictures are great, too. I can see that China is much cleaner than India. :) Keep up the great work.
    Love, Aunty Diana

  3. Thanks for keeping all of us up to date. You are a great writer and the pictures really help us join you on this experience.

    Our group will continue to talk to Hot Tamolly for you.