Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Plague of the "Guangzhou Bug"

So it has happened. I had my first foreign doctor's visit. Today is Wednesday and finally after 2 full days of "the bug" I decided that I needed to seek out medication. I traveled to the doctor's office at 10am and by 11am I was out of there with 4 medications in hand. (I was even given the meds in a nice little tote.)

The doctor told me that it was best that I not eat anything for today. So, needless to say I am SO hungry! After the doctor's office I traveled straight to work, lesson planned for a bit, than had some more training, and then taught a small stars class. (4 and 5 year olds) After my class I stayed around for a bit to organized my things in the office. At about 8:15pm I put on my MP3 player, walked out of the office, and enjoyed my 45 minute journey home. Truly it was quite enjoyable to have some "quiet" time walking and taking the subway. I feel as though when I'm listening to music while walking I can truly take in the sights and think, "I am so fortunate to be here."

I took some pics while walking home. I tried taking a picture of the fireworks going off, but unfortunately couldn't quite time it right.

I also took two pictures of signs that are in the metro station that crack me up every time I read them.

Anyhoo... I'm going to go and pack away my things so hopefully I can move in to the apartment either tommorrow evening or Friday morning. SO way excited to move into my apartment. I'll for sure put up pics when I can.

Love ya my friends and family. Talk to ya soon!

*A little side note: While at the doctor's office today she ask me what I have eaten. I explained that I have been eating Chinese food. She then explained that I shouldn't completely change my eating habits. I felt like saying, "I don't really have a choice. Even when I go out to a "western restaurant" the food still tastes like Chinese food!" (But I didn't.)

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