Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Do you ever have a dream that is so real and so vivid that you wake up disappointed that it was just a dream (or in some cases relieved that it was just a dream)? Well… this happens to me at least once a week, sometimes more often. Last night I had the most vivid reality based dream that I am still focused on it! What was my dream about? …YOGURT!

I will first start by saying that it has been almost 1 month since I have drank the delicious nectar of a cow or had sweet creamy fermented milk touch my lips! So with that being said, my body is staging a revolt. I cut off my habit of drinking at least one glass of milk a day so cold turkey that I think it was more “frozen turkey”.

Yes, they have milk here, but do you remember the milk scare they had here? Ever since then I question my desire to want to try their milk. Not to mention that I have been to several grocery stores now and the cold milk section is sparse. Also, the milk is almost unrecognizable as milk. They have milk tea, but no pure American made “happy cows come from California” milk!

Back to my dream…

I dreamt that I was in a Wal-mart in China. (I have no idea if this actually exists, but this was just my dream.) I was roaming the store when I came across the most glorious aisle-long case of dairy products. At the very tiptop of the case I saw something that made my heart skip a beat. I saw a case of 6 Yoplait yogurt fruit smoothies. The flavor wasn’t what I normally buy, but I didn’t care.

Unfortunately, I had a dilemma. I could not reach the yogurt. I couldn’t go find someone to reach the yogurt for me because then a yogurt snatcher might come and steal away my prize. Suddenly a bright blue shirted man popped around the corner. I screamed, “Excuse me, I need your help!”

The man was not surprised by my plea for help and showed it in his snail like head down gaunter towards me. When he finally arrived by my side he started to reach for the yogurt without even asking me. I assumed that he had spent most of his day reaching for the yogurt because it was a rare commodity and I was about to acquire the last one. Not to mention that I had already attracted a crowd.

When he handed me the somewhat mangled yogurt pack, I secured it tightly in my arms forgetting about everything else that I wanted to purchase and with a running back type mindset I headed for the end zone. As usual I had to wait forever in line but finally after reaching the cashier I realized that I had done it. I was salivating just imagining opening the first yogurt smoothie putting it up to my mouth allowing the first drop slowly slide down my tongue.

Then I woke up.

I just laid there for a while so crushed that it was just a dream. I kept replaying it thinking, “But it was so real.” I got up and drank some orange juice, but nothing could come close to satisfying my taste buds like a Yoplait yogurt smoothie. I guess my choices are to either try the yogurt here or just wait 339 days until I can quench this thirst of mine.

*smiles and hugs friends…

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  1. lol. I had similar dreams about Dr. Pepper when I was in Italy. Except-I only had to go three months without my beloved drink. hehe...It seemed like a really long time though! hehe... I really hope you get to satisfy your craving!