Sunday, June 24, 2012

First TEAM Workout

Thursday night, June 21st, I arrived safely back home to Yuba City, California.  When people ask me how long I am here for, I respond with a smile, “I don’t have any plans to leave.”  It’s been almost three days since coming back and I’m still in the period of adjustment.  So many things are different; temperature (at 60 degrees I find myself bundled up and shivering), people, culture, living arrangements, food, etc.   As I was sitting in church this morning, however, I couldn’t help but smile because it feels so great to be back amongst so many loved ones!

Yesterday, Saturday June 20th, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with my Placer TNT Team for a joint group workout with the Sacramento TNT Team.  We met at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery and enjoyed a chilly 8 mile run along the river.  Such a stark difference between these 8 miles and 8 miles in Torreon! 
Jana, our campaign manager, is proofreading my letter.

I ran the first 7 miles by myself, but then joined up with two women named Dora and Kelsey for the remaining 1 mile.  Never did I think I’d be running below a 9 min/mile pace and be able to hold a conversation!  I love the improvement I see in my body, health, and running the more I train!

It was so fun to be able to train with about 40 other men and women all working towards the same goal... to run a marathon while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  Every time I came across a team member on the trail we’d exchange a “looking good”, “go team”, or “good job”.  So inspiring!
It was nice to be able to socialize after our workout.

What was even more inspiring was hearing from a woman before our workout who shared her story with blood cancer.  She shared that after having a bone marrow transplant she was told by her doctor that she is now in remission.  Getting choked up, she continued by sharing her appreciation to us for raising funds for continued research and patient support.  She is proof that there are improvements being made and lives are being changed.

After the workout I was able to talk to Jana Greenburg our Team in Training campaign manager.  I had taken a copy of my fundraising letter to get her feedback about if there was anything I needed to add or omit.  It was so encouraging to hear her give me such positive feedback.  To read a copy of the letter you may go here:
Jana is an awesome woman!  Go team!

Please consider donating to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society by supporting my marathon.  You may support my 26.2 mile run by pledging a dollar amount for every mile. 

  1. $1/mile = $26.20
  2. $2/mile = $52.40
  3. $3/mile = $78.60
  4. $4/mile = $104.80
  5. $5/mile = $131.00

Thank you in advance for your support!  Together we can and will find a cure.   

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